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Absolute Pest Elimination is a company with more than 50 years of combined experience getting rid of pests in residential, farm, and commercial properties. Absolute Pest Elimination technicians “live and breathe” for pest control solutions. That’s what we do, we're problem solvers!

Pest Primer

Kill BedbugsConsult our pest library here. Controlling any pests begins with accurate identification. These pests can all present problems for you or your home. For more information, contact our team for an accurate identification of the pest problem you are experiencing.

Wildlife Services

Wildlife removalAnimal removal of wildlife animals is a situation that normally requires professional animal removal of wildlife services. Our animal removal experts can help to remove any wildlife animal from any situation in need of animal removal services.

Bat Services

Bat removalBats problems occur and bat removal is necessary when the bats get stuck inside homes and other buildings during the end of summer and beginning of fall. Getting rid of bats can be tricky. As bats are so small, they can squeeze through tiny holes. Call today for bat removal services.

Rodent Program

Rodent RemovalRats, mice, and other rodents are part of Minnesota’s natural environment are known to carry and spread a variety of diseases, both viral and bacterial. And, if they get into your home, they could bring those undesirable pathogens along with fleas and other parasites.

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Shield of Protection

General Pest Control

Animal/Wildlife Removal Services

Residential/Commercial Services

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Rodent Screening & Sealing Exclusions

Bat Work (Prevention)

Please ask your service specialist about our Platinum, Gold & Silver packages today!

Your Pest Control Experts

Absolute Pest Elimination is a company with more than 50 years combined experience getting rid of pests in residential, farm, and commercial properties. Our residential pest control service includes:

  • A local expert technician specializing in the pests of your area, certified in Minnesota and using solutions approved by both state and federal agencies. We conduct our work with the utmost care and EPA guideline protection.

  • We strive to give you a pest-free environment. If we need to come back, we will at NO COST to you! That is our Absolute promise!!

  • Platinum, Gold, and Silver Packages available to remove pests, and prevention technics to control unwanted insects around the exterior and interior of your home.  Our residential pest control packages are designed uniquely for each individual home. Save time and money with our Platinum package today!

  • Absolute Pest Elimination technicians help customers with services to keep your life pest-free year-round. Giving you Peace of Mind, so you can rest easy. Know your technician has designed the right package for you and your family.  One time treatments-to year round protection.

  • Unlimited on-site service calls

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